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Resilient Innovations is a leading provider of business continuity management (BCM) services, dedicated to enhancing business resilience against emerging threats. Our comprehensive solutions leverage a nationwide infrastructure, aligning with global standards and best practices. Whether businesses are located in Gauteng, Western Cape, or other parts of South Africa, Resilient Innovations addresses diverse continuity needs with expert advisory services and fully-equipped disaster recovery and hosting centres.

With over three decades of experience, we are recognised as Africa's premier provider of business continuity management and resilient services. As a valued partner of the Business Continuity Institute, Resilient Innovations maintains the highest standards to ensure optimal preparedness for businesses confronting uncertainties

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With a legacy extending over three decades in the domain of Business Continuity Management, our organisation , previously known as Continuity SA (CSA), has

undergone a transformative trajectory. In 2014, our unwavering commitment to excellence garnered recognition from Dimension Data, leading to a significant

acquisition that heralded a new era in our evolution. The strategic integration with Dimension Data officially commenced on 01 August , 2021.

As of 01 December, 2023, we have embarked on a new chapter in our corporate journey, assuming the identity of Resilient Innovations. This strategic decision

marks a pivotal moment in our evolution, signifying our dedication to operating independently while capitalising on the wealth of experience accumulated over

our three-decade tenure in Business Continuity Management.


To be the pre-eminent resilience provider in Africa.


Empowering African businesses to thrive amid challenges, our mission is to deliver innovative resilience solutions. Committed to excellence, we redefine standards through strategic partnerships and cutting- edge technologies. Navigate uncertainties confidently and emerge stronger in the evolving business landscape with our comprehensive services.



BCI Africa Awards 2014 
Business Continuity Provider of the year
Continuity SA

BCI Africa Awards 2016  
Continuity and Resilience Provider of the Year(Service/Product)
Continuity SA End to End Resilience Services​

BCI Africa Awards 2017 
Continuity and Resilience Team Winner
Continuity SA's Global Centre of Excellence​

The Institute of Risk Management South Africa 2019 Awards 
Professional Services, Training Providers, Consultants & Auditors
Continuity SA​

BCI Africa Awards 2020 
Continuity and Resilience Provider Service, Winner
Work Area Recovery: Planned Invocation for Covid 19 Resilience

  BCI Africa Awards 2015
Continuity and Resilience Provider of the year
Continuity SA

  BCI Africa Awards 2016
Continuity and Resilience Team Of The Year
Continuity SA Tiger Team​

  The Institute of Risk Management South Africa 2018 Awards
Professional Services, Training Providers, Consultants & Auditors
Continuity SA​

  BCI Africa Awards 2020
Collaboration in Resilience,
Winner, Continuity SA



Empowering our clients through a thorough comprehension of their risk  profile, we work collaboratively to formulate customised risk- mitigation strategies. Our ultimate goal is to provide peace of mind to all stakeholders involved 


We proudly hold the position as the industry's leading end-to-end BCM integrator, specialising in comprehensive Risk, Resilience, and Recovery solutions.


We specialise in delivering cutting- edge Business Continuity and Resilience solutions, harnessing the power of the latest technological advancements.


All our solutions are meticulously crafted to be flexible, scalable, and rigorously tested, providing an assurance of proven efficieny. Each solution is designed with meticulous care to fortify business resilience in an era marked by escalating threats


With a legacy spanning over thirty years in Business Continuity and Business Resilience, our dedicated recovery facilities are fortified with dual redundant support infrastructure.


As pioneers, we proudly hold the mantle of being both market and thought leaders in the BCM and Resilience industry.